103-105 Corporate Park Drive Residential Complex & Trinity Church

Mon, Nov 17, 2014 • Corp. Park Drive

The first meeting concerns a newer issue facing Purchase. The upcoming Harrison Town Planning Board agenda includes a developer's proposal to construct a 421-unit multifamily residential complex on 103-105 Corporate Park Drive. The Planning Board meeting will take place on Tuesday, November 18th, 7:30 pm, Harrison Municipal Building, One Heinemann Place, Harrison, NY. The application appears 12th on the agenda.


On October 15th, Normandy Real Estate Partners made an initial appearance before the Harrison Town Board. Subsequently their proposal and zoning petition was referred to the Planning Board (per local law) for review and recommendation. The Planning Board will hear the proposal at the November 18th meeting. Per local law, if the Planning Board makes a recommendation for rezoning it will go back to the Town Board to be heard/processed.

Zoning Petition

A zoning amendment will be required to allow construction of multiple-family dwellings and support retail and restaurant services in this current area. Corporate Park Drive is located off of Westchester Avenue in the town's office park zone (SB-O). The SB-O now allows special exception uses only for education, hotels, and day care and fitness centers.

Action Steps

PEPA will have representation at the November 18th meeting. PEPA will provide an overview of the project after that meeting and upon our legal and environmental planning team's review of the proposal's documentation including the petition, proposed site plans, and environmental assessment form (EAF). The EAF is a form used by an agency to assist it in determining the environmental significance or non-significance of actions.

Mark your Calendar for upcoming Trinity Church Pubic Hearing Meeting

The second meeting concerns the Trinity Church proposal. The Harrison Town Planning Board has slated a special meeting and Public Hearing concerning the Trinity Presbyterian Church (TPC) Application on Tuesday, December 2nd, 7:30 pm, Harrison Municipal Building, One Heinemann Place, Harrison, NY. Please see the agenda below that shows the TPC application is the only item being heard.

This a reminder to make sure you have marked your calendar to attend; your continued participation is essential in sending a message of forceful opposition against this ill-conceived application. PEPA's legal team and planning team will be in attendance to make comments.

PEPA has engaged the services of Legal Counsel (Harris Beach) and an Environmental Planning firm (Louis Berger Group) to analyze the DEIS for both substantive and procedural deficiencies, and items that do not satisfy the requirements of the State Environmental Quality Review Act (“SEQRA). When completed we will post their comment letters on the PEPA website.

Please look for previous comment letters they submitted on behalf of PEPA last spring regarding the TPC site plan and scoping document here:


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