Action Alert: WJWW’s $100 MM Industrial Plant on Purchase St. within protected Watershed

Tue, Dec 28, 2021 • Westchester Joint Water Works

Alert:WJWW’s $100 MM Industrial Plant on Purchase St. within protected Watershed
PEPA is dedicated to a single mission – protecting the environment and quality of life in this unique community. Please join our cause.
How Can You Help? 

  1. Sign the Online Petitionespecially if you can’t attend today’s virtual meeting, to prevent the plant’s construction in the area selected by advising the Westchester County Board of Legislators to "Just Say No" to locating the WJWW Water Filtration Plant on Purchase Street within the Kenisco Watershed.  
  2. Mark Your Calendar to attend the WJWW Board Meeting on January 11th. 2022
  3. Learn more by reading FAQ on PEPA’s website about the environmental risks and construction costs of the WJWW plant.
  4. Keep this Email and Petition moving along to other concerned citizens. Because the Kensico supplies drinking water to millions of people in New York City and Westchester, signatories do not need to live in Purchase to add their name!

The future of Purchase is in a large way in the hands of our local elected and volunteer board members. It is essential that we speak out and let them know where we stand on the issues that are important to our quality of life.  
Final Thought: Given the importance of the Kensico Watershed, it makes no sense to construct a large industrial filtration plant in the area selected by WJWW. This is especially true when a nearby alternative location that has already been studied exists outside of the sensitive reservoir’s watershed. 

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