Airport Update

Sat, Jan 2, 2021 • Westchester Airport

Dear PEPA Member:

We are writing with an important update about the PEPA AirNoise Campaign and to show how member’s efforts have made a difference to demonstrate our community is significantly affected by airport traffic. Because of participation, PEPA can document that Purchase registers the most noise disturbances in Westchester County, and at a critical time. As you will read, proper documentation provides relevant and valuable evidence as well as enabling PEPA to ensure that the debate is fair and evenhanded.
Recently, the Westchester County Airport Advisory Board (AAB) sent PEPA a letter about forming a working group to evaluate and promote a plan to disperse and reduce aircraft noise affecting communities north of the airport stating that this is a “new proposal that seeks to address the largest source of noise complaints about the Westchester County Airport. However, there was no citation or documentation provided for the AAB’s claim about noise complaints.  Further, PEPA can demonstrate that noise data collected by the Westchester County Airport and the FAA during 2020 indicate approximately 65% of the total registered noise complaints at HPN, are originating from the Purchase zip code of 10577.
Attached is PEPA's response that opposes the proposal in its current form as inappropriate and one-sided and asks for the AAB’s consideration in reframing and broadening the proposal in which the aim would be to reduce airport noise for as many communities, both north and south, as possible. Click here to read the response letter:

For more information, mark your calendar to attend the virtual Airport Advisory Board Meeting on January 13th, 2021. We expect the proposal will be on the agenda. PEPA will keep you updated as new information becomes available.
As the year comes to a close, we thank our dedicated partners and patrons who support the Purchase Environmental Protective Association (PEPA).  To advance our mission and achieve success, PEPA is calling on the citizens of Purchase to join as a community to protect our common environmental, public safety and health interests. With your financial contribution, PEPA will continue its 106-year record of working to protect and promote a sustainable Purchase. Join us, be a contributor. Your financial support ensures that our work to promote and protect this unique Purchase legacy continues.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support. PEPA is a New York non-profit corporation and is a federal 501 (c) 3 charitable organization. Your tax-deductible gift is essential and makes a true difference in PEPA’s ability to protect our community.
Please make a donation now:

By mail: Return the reply card you received in recent holiday mailing or download and complete the printable form. Enclose a check made payable to PEPA and mail it to Box 21, Purchase, NY 10577.
Online: Please click here to make a financial contribution; or use the Donate to PEPA button at the very bottom of the email to make an online gift. Select a giving level to make a secure payment with your credit or debit card through PayPal. Follow the prompts on the screen that follow to complete an online donation in a few minutes!
On behalf of the Board of Directors, please accept my best wishes for a safe and very happy New Year. Together we can continue to keep Purchase the special community that we all know it is.


Anne Gold, Executive Director

FAQ: PEPA  Airnoise Button Campaign

What happens if my Airnoise button stops working out?
We are here to help and can offer some customer service with set up issues. Also, PEPA has acquired new rechargeable buttons for those who wish to replace buttons that have worn out. The first model was expected to last for about one year or more. The latest device will last for years. For more information, or to have a replacement dropped by your house, please contact Anne Gold, Executive Director at or (914)960-3088.
Does PEPA still have Airnoise Buttons available for new users?
Yes, and it is essential that we sustain and build on our momentum! If you know of a neighbor, or friend who would benefit from the campaign please reach out. Tell them that the devices are meant to make creating an air noise complaint easy and fast so that we can continue to make our voices heard by decision-makers. With each AirNoise device, new users will receive a 6-month free subscription with the button that instantly locates the loud flights and automatically registers a complaint. Also users may have noticed that, thanks to a generous donation to the campaign, PEPA was able to extend all current member’s free subscriptions for over one year and counting!

How does the AirNoise button capture information, and file the noise complaint? uses publicly available data sources to determine which aircraft is closest to a person’s home. Once pressed, the button gathers information about the flight and sends the complaint directly to the local airport authority. The detailed information about the flight includes the airline, the tail number, where the airplane is going to and from, how high it was, how close it was to the person who clicked the button. It is directly tied to the FAA radar.

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