Wed, Mar 11, 2020 • Westchester Airport

Westchester County has announced the postponement of the March 19th Airport Master Plan Public Open House. It will be rescheduled in the future.

Last week PEPA sent an email regarding this meeting, as well the Airport Master Plan Survey that is underway. The nine question survey includes three that provide an opportunity for those affected by airport problems such as excessive aircraft noise, pollution, noncompliance of the curfew and safety concerns, to respond and help demonstrate how urgent it is for the County to address these issues.
If you haven't already done so, please respond to the survey here:


Why is the County currently supplementing the Airport’s Master Plan?

According to a recent press release “County Executive Latimer is acting on his commitment to look at the airport operations and their impacts and develop a new vision for the airport based on greater participation of the public. The supplement will add to the master plan with additional analysis of the airport, particularly with respect to the physical conditions of the airport property, buildings and infrastructure, additional analysis of noise and other impacts of the airport, and the local and regional economic impact of the airport. The supplement will also explore additional alternatives for improved safety and performance and reduced environmental impacts.”
What else can I do if I am disturbed by excessive aircraft noise?

If aircraft noise interferes with your sleep or disturbs your ability to enjoy home life report it to Westchester County Airport Noise Abatement office. This is very important. Your grievance will become part of the official record and official documentation. Read here about the Airnoise button that has made it easier for local residents to file a complaint. This invention allows those in our community who are disturbed by noise, to register a complaint instantly; and with just one click of the Airnoise button it goes directly to the Westchester County Airport. The Airnoise button can be carried in your pocket, or on a keychain. When a user clicks on the device, the system starts looking for nearby airplanes in a cylinder around and above the user. When the button locates an airplane close enough it will then grab all the information about that plane and send it off to the Airport Authority.
How can I learn more about the Airnoise button, and its local impact?

Please contact Anne Gold, PEPA Executive Director at (914)960-3088 or to learn about how the button is making a difference locally; or visit Airnoise button for more information.
I am concerned about airport issues; how can I become more involved?

PEPA  urges you to become a supporter of the Coalition to Prevent Westchester Airport Expansion (“Coalition”). PEPA serves on the Steering Committee of the “Coalition.” It is the largest umbrella group advocating against expansion and for community and environmental interests at the Westchester County airport and actively monitors all relevant issues.



On The Horizon, Reaching For Better (Westchester County Airport Master Plan Supplement)

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