Thu, Jan 23, 2020 • Westchester Airport

In case you missed it, last night’s FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) & County Open House at the New Castle Community Center was well attended by local resident attendees who were most emphatic about their complaints of increased disturbances from noisy, low flying planes. The FAA made informal educational presentations about airport operations, and air traffic procedures. The large turnout is one way to document  to the FAA that a noise problem truly exists and thus assist us as we work to have a positive influence on the future of the airport.

Are you concerned airport expansion, and would like to be more involved?

PEPA  urges you to become a supporter of the Coalition to Prevent Westchester Airport Expansion (“Coalition”). PEPA serves on the Steering Committee of the “Coalition.” It is the largest umbrella group advocating against expansion and for community and environmental interests at the Westchester County airport and monitors all relevant issues. Please read more here:
The Coalition is not looking for financial contributions, just as many members as possible. As a supporter you will receive emails and invitations making you eligible to attend Supporter events including an upcoming session On February 1st. Please take a moment now to join the Coalition and then Mark your calendar to attend:
Saturday 2/1/2020 from 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
BelleFair Homeowner Association Community Room in Rye Brook -- parking info. below.
Light refreshments.   Please RSVP.
The Coalition to Prevent Westchester Airport Expansion is proud to have become the principal advocate for community and environmental interests related to our Airport. Thank you for your support. Please know, however, that we face daunting challenges this year and our efforts have generated plenty of resistance. Our strength comes from the organization’s supporters, and we will only make progress working together. 
We are at a crucial time in the life of our Airport. Noise and air emissions studies are underway. Even as large private/corporate jet traffic shows no sign of letting up and noise complaints break records, aviation interests are pushing a message that things have never been better.  Also, the Airport's Master Plan is under review.  Together these things will impact the safety, quality of life and property values of County residents and the environmental impact of our Airport for decades to come.
The February 1st Coalition Supporters Briefing Session is your opportunity to:

  • Gain a better understanding of our Airport, the status of Airport privatization, ongoing expansion efforts at the main terminal and by private operators, and the impacts of Airport operation trends;
  • Hear about Coalition efforts and achievements, as well as where we have met with greater resistance from the powers that be;
  • Voice your opinion about our goals and strategies for 2020;
  • Determine how you can make a difference at whatever level of commitment works best for you. 

    Following the Briefing Session, there is a special program on "Mobilizing for the Master Plan" from 1:00 to 2:30.  This 2nd session will focus on how we can best influence the Master Plan review by participating in the County's public input process and demanding maximum transparency.  Separate invitations are being sent out for this smaller working group session.  However, if you would like to participate in the Master Plan Mobilization session, or if you want a representative from your community, neighborhood, or homeowners association to attend, please indicate this as part of your RSVP

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