Airport Noise: Call to Action

Fri, Oct 11, 2019 • Westchester Airport

Airport Noise: Call to Action

County study is underway & filing official reports provide proof that problems exists

Airport noise & pollution are prominent environmental problems facing Purchase. Fortunately, we have now been presented with a window of opportunity to act and build on momentum created by Westchester County Executive George Latimer.

County responses to noise stemming from flights 

The County has taken steps designed to shape and implement airport noise solutions at the Westchester County Airport. Harris, Miller, Miller & Hanson a nationally recognized noise and aviation firm, has been retained to collect and analyze noise data and flight patterns. According to Mr. Latimer “their independent analysis allows the County to better collect empirical data on noise and flight patterns. Expanded hard data, along with anecdotal evidence, will assist the County in their efforts to further address community noise concerns.” The scope of the consultant’s work is addressed in the FAQ section below.

Mr. Latimer has also reached out to US Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Chuck Schumer and US Congresswoman Nita Lowey and gained their support in getting the FAA to hold a public meeting in the County to hear the airport noise concerns of our constituents who live near the Westchester County Airport. Our representatives are listening and acting!

Filing a noise complaint demonstrates the existence and location of the problem. 

We appreciate our elected official’s actions to address adverse airport impacts but it’s incumbent upon each of us, individually, to do our part. If aircraft noise interferes with your sleep or  disturbs your ability to enjoy home life report it to Westchester County Airport Noise Abatement office. (Continue reading below about the new Airnoise button to learn how it has gotten easier for you to file a complaint)! 

Filing a noise complaint establishes an official disturbance report and provides proof, objective data that a problem exists. Given the County study is underway we each have a window of opportunity to play a crucial role!

Consider the Noise Complaint Breakdown by Municipality for May 2019. The 103 complaints filed from eight Purchase households make up only 2 % of the total registered disturbances.

Source: Airport Monitor, Westchester County Government, 31 May 2019,


Source: PEPA

One report a month from a new household makes a difference 

Are you aware that the number of affected households is as important as the overall number of reports?  This article in the Los Angeles Times notes that the FAA’s response to increased noise complaints has been to attribute “a large number of complaints to a handful of people.” The FAA doesn’t acknowledge here that most people have busy lives and it is difficult to file a complaint every time a loud plane flies over your house. 

But now there is an invention available for those in our community who are disturbed by noise, to file a complaint instantly; and with just one click of the Airnoise button it goes directly to the Westchester County Airport.

New! Airnoise allows you to report air noise instantly at HPN!


The Airnoise button can be carried in your pocket, or on a keychain.

When a user clicks on the AirNoise’s button, the system starts looking for nearby airplanes in a cylinder around and above the user. When the button locates an airplane close enough it will then grab all the information about that plane and send it off to the Airport Authority.


Order your Airnoise button now

Sign up here. The  Button + Subscription plan  for the Westchester County Airport will run you $26 button + $5/month.

File Report 

If you prefer to make a complaint on the County’s website instead of Airnoise, click here for the complaint form. You can also leave a voice message at the Complaint Hotline at (914) 939-8484.


Need more details on what Airnoise offers? See how it works.

Are any Westchester Communities using the AirNoise button?

  • Locally, people in Chappaqua and Pleasantville who use the device have shared that they appreciate its convenience  and like the quick-click feature; especially when experiencing disturbance from frequent flights.

How many monitors does the County have and is there one in my area?

  • The airport has 22 permanent noise monitors located within a 12 mile radius of the airport. We have 18 noise monitors located in 8 towns in Westchester County and 4 noise monitors located in Greenwich, Connecticut. There may be one located near you depending upon where you live. See noise monitor street address and location map (Source

    Placement of the noise monitors are guided by residents’ noise complaints to investigate the cause of those complaints. During a June press conference  Mr. Latimer announced that additional mobile noise monitors have been placed at homes in  Chappaqua Purchase, Pleasantville, Scarsdale and White Plains. View Latimer’s June press conference here 

Are you concerned airport expansion, and would like to be more involved?

  • PEPA  urges you to become a supporter of the Coalition to Prevent Westchester Airport Expansion (“Coalition”). PEPA serves on the Steering Committee of the “Coalition.” It is the largest umbrella group advocating against expansion and for community and environmental interests at the Westchester County airport and monitors all relevant issues/



Coalition to Prevent Westchester Airport Expansion

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