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About Memberships

As a nonprofit, advocacy organization, PEPA is dependent upon the participation and support of our members. We urge you to join PEPA because a large membership base increases our viability, standing and influence. In addition to membership, your tax-deductible contribution will strengthen the association and support an organization that is leading the effort to foster community, protect our environment and promote sustainability.

The current PEPA membership includes two (2) separate classes, a voting class and a non-voting class, as follows:

Class A Members

Class A Members will have the right to vote on the election of PEPA’s Board of Directors and other matters requiring the approval of PEPA’s Membership in accordance with PEPA’s Bylaws and the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law. Class A Members will be required to pay annual dues at a rate fixed by the Board each year. The Board of Directors has set the annual dues amount for membership as a Class A Member at $100.00.

If you select the Class A Member status, your Membership Designation Card must be accompanied by a check for $100 made payable to Purchase Environmental Protection Association.

Class B Members

Other than not having the right to vote at Membership meetings, Class B Members have the same rights as the Class A Members (e.g., the right to receive PEPA’s newsletter, periodic alerts, and invitations to community events, and the right to attend membership meetings and other PEPA events). Class B Members are not required to pay annual dues to enjoy Class B membership status.


Members have a significant impact on the ever-changing challenges of planned growth, conservation of open space, and protection of the environment in Purchase. By monitoring local issues and circulating information about them through our newsletter and website we are working to keep members informed.

Members recieve:
  • The PEPA Perspective, A newsletter that will keep you informed through regular, in-depth coverage about news and events which impact our environment and community.
  • Invitations to special community events.
  • Community alerts, written materials calling attention to issues, meetings, and events which are of local interest.
  • Action alerts, providing you with the opportunity to volunteer in specific conservation and preservation campaigns.