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About PEPA

The Purchase Environmental Protective Association (PEPA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting the environment and preserving the character of our community.

PEPA’s involvement and documentation of the historical, cultural, and natural features of its unique landscape serves as a vital resource to the community.

PEPA informs the public about relevant local issues, legislation, and policies by disseminating information through its website, newsletter, and other informative publications and mailings. The organization conducts appropriate research and hires professional experts as necessary to provide relevant information to the community and local governing bodies. Through this timely factual information, community decisions about the environment are made based on knowledge. PEPA also participates in local Task Forces, and regularly attends Town Meetings and public hearings. By having a presence at such forums, the organization can effectively represent its mission and steer decision-making accordingly.

In conjunction with Manhattanville University, PEPA offers Guided Walking Tours of the historic campus.

The Manhattanville University Archives/Library preserves, and provides access to Special Collections that document the history and architecture of Whitelaw Reid's former estate, known as Ophir Farm, on which the Purchase campus of Manhattanville University is now located.

Our History

The roots of PEPA trace back to 1914. It was established by concerned citizens living in Purchase who sought to protect the public's well-being by balancing priorities for land reservation with strategies for managing local development.

Back in the early part of the 20th century, Purchase was a rural community with rolling hills and untouched forests. Development as the world knows it today was still decades away. However, these concerned citizens had great vision and foresaw a time when the bucolic life in Purchase would be challenged by suburban sprawl.

Therefore, for more than 100 years, PEPA has worked to protect the rural character of Purchase by being a vocal voice advocating for community and all it encompasses.

With the help of PEPA’s dedicated commitment and hard work of staff and local volunteers, today Purchase remains a pristine hamlet. Its sylvan beauty with open spaces and preserved woodlands woven around our homes and small neighborhoods ensures that residents of Purchase continue to live in an atmosphere of peaceful solitude.