PEPA Continues to Actively Oppose Airport Privatization and Expansion Plan

Sat, Sep 30, 2017 • Westchester Airport

PEPA, along with the Airport Coalition, continues to actively oppose the Airport Privatization & Expansion Plan. Recent news coverage demonstrates progress being made.

Airport privatization deal on hold until after Election Day

“Opponents of the proposal include the powerful Purchase Environmental Protective Association. They worry privatization means expansion and a loss of environmental safeguards and quality of life, citing a draft master plan that projects growth at the airport.

Westchester County airport privatization plans draw more opposition

Residents and county officials gathered on Tuesday evening to express their opposition to a pair of plans regarding the Westchester County Airport, plans they feel have lacked input from the public. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it, clean and simple,” said Martin Rogowsky, a former county legislator and representative of the Purchase Environmental Protective Association.


What is the Timeline for upcoming significant events?
County Executive Astorino stated on July 18 in a public forum that he expects the RFP Committee to select one bid to come out of committee in Sept. After Nov 7th elections — unspecified date, the Board of Legislators (BOL) will vote on Airport Privatization.

Which Legislators have stated they are publicly opposed to Airport Privatization thus far?

  • County Legislator David Gelfarb (R., District 6)
  • County Legislator Catherine Parker (D., District 7)
  • County Legislator Ken Jenkins (D., District 15)

We have found that many legislators are not yet willing to take a public position on the issue and now are waiting to look at the bid(s) first. We continue to set up meetings with individual members of the BOL to educate and present our concerns.

How can you help? 
Email and call the County RFP Committee today to Let Them Know You Oppose Privatization:

The Airport RFP (Request for Proposals) Committee will be reviewing the airport bids alongside three representatives from County Executive Astorino's administration.

Where can you find detailed information about the draft Master Plan?
Read the White Paper that is posted the Citizens for a Responsible County Airport website. It has a great summary of our coalition’s positions against privatization and the airport master plan.

What organizations are part of the Airport Coalition?
The coalition to oppose privatization and expansion of the Westchester County airport is spearheaded by Citizens for a Responsible County Airport (, and includes Purchase Environmental Protective Association (PEPA), Sierra Club Lower Hudson, Food & Water Watch, Westchester for Change, WESPAC Foundation, Federated Conservationists of Westchester County, Grassroots Environmental Education, We Persist, Indivisible Westchester, and Lower Hudson Valley Progressive Action Network.

Thank you for your continued interest. Please stay involved. Together we protect our community. Contact PEPA with your comments and questions.

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