Airport Master Plan calls for Extensive Expansion

Sat, Jul 29, 2017 • Westchester Airport

At the July 27th public hearing on Westchester County’s draft airport master plan, a coalition of community groups and environmental organizations as well as a crowd of individual citizens denounced the plan and criticized its inadequate environmental and public health analysis, outdated data, and the lack of public and legislative input in the process.

The draft plan calls for major increases in the number of flights (ignoring current passenger caps) and development of a corner of the airport that drains into the Kensico Reservoir, which provides the drinking water for 9 million people including most of Westchester and New York City.

The meeting was the second of only two public hearings over the span of five years. With the controversies surrounding the airport, including the possibility of airport privatization, it is not surprising the hearing drew a crowd of approximately 150.

If you were unable to attend, but want to add your voice to those who are concerned and fighting to prevent expansion and privatization of the airport, please submit written comments to the Westchester County Airport Master Plan committee at

PEPA’s Statement about the County's Airport Master Plan

The Master Plan is an Expansion Plan

PEPA’s long-held position on the airport has been to oppose further expansion and thus, limit the airport’s increased environmental impacts on drinking water quality, airport noise, and air pollution.

Therefore, PEPA calls upon the County, as a high priority, before any Airport related actions are even considered, including the draft master plan, to reaffirm its 2003 statement of County Policy that there be no expansion at the Airport.

PEPA also asks that the Vision Statement in the Draft Plan be re-written to reflect the “No Expansion Policy.” Also, that the forecasts in the Master Plan be amended to reflect the current restrictions and constraints of the codified TUA (Terminal Use agreement) that is part of the laws of Westchester County that limit the number of aircraft and passengers that can use the airport terminal.

More Information about the draft Master Plan

Read the White Paper that is posted on the Citizens for a Responsible County Airport website. It has a great summary of our coalition’s positions against privatization and the airport master plan.

About the Coalition

The coalition to oppose privatization and expansion of the Westchester County airport is spearheaded by Citizens for a Responsible County Airport (, and includes Purchase Environmental Protective Association (PEPA), Sierra Club Lower Hudson, Food & Water Watch, Westchester for Change, WESPAC Foundation, Federated Conservationists of Westchester County, Grassroots Environmental Education, We Persist, Indivisible Westchester, and Lower Hudson Valley Progressive Action Network.

News Coverage on the Master Plan Hearing

Thank you for your continued interest. Please stay involved. Together we protect our community.

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