Letter from Tim Halpern, CEO, Comprehensive Prospect Research

Tue, Jul 11, 2017 • Letters & Notices

Dear friends and neighbors,

This past week, I was quoted in the Wall Street Journal about Astorino’s plans to hurts the environment, devalue our homes and make us sick.

More is here: http://pepapurchaseny.com/couch/uploads/file/media-clips/2017-07-04-wsj-westchester_countys_airport_plan_hits_some-turbulence.pdf

And the article is below my name.

I have some professional, and personal, experience with this. I’m a professional fundraiser and we work with non-profits on the cutting edge of philanthropy; such as the Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense, Scenic Hudson and others.  I’ve helped more than 500 organizations raise in excess of $100 billion.

Further, my father was a Commissioner of the Port Authority, long ago before the agency became corrupt. He worked on renovation of airports and the original World Trade Center.

If you do nothing and the airport expands as Mr. Astorino plans, then how could this impact you?

Quality of life: If your home became 68% louder, would that be acceptable to you? Do your children and/or grandchildren enjoy peacefully playing in your yard? Is that important to you?  Do you enjoy hearing bird calls in your backyard? As birds hear planes flying lower and louder, that disrupts their mating calls. Eventually they leave an area when they cannot breed.  My family continually is impacted by low flying planes over our house; an average of ten an hour at 500 feet or less. Some are caused by Westchester County Airport and some by Teterboro Airport.  Did you know that no one is supposed to fly into or out of Westchester County Airport between midnight and 6:30 a.m.? That rule is broken an average of nine times a night. Please don’t take my word for it: the story is here http://www.lohud.com/story/news/transit/2017/04/27/westchester-county-airport-curfew/100751628/ and below my name in case that link doesn’t work for you. I love my home. How about you?

Health risks: Cancer, for one.  Secondarily increased airplane noise has been proven to disrupt focus, attention span and, in children, healthy brain development. Stewart Airport in Newburgh, NY is the only airport in the USA to have been privatized. Are you aware that occurred in 1999, carcinogenic PFOS was discovered in the City of Newburgh’s water supply, making it unsafe to drink? The PFOS was traced back to stormwater from the airport. 29,000 people were exposed to the contaminated water, and the airport was declared a state Superfund site. Tests have shown elevated levels of PFOS in the exposed residents’ blood, and it takes years for the body to eliminate these chemicals.  We know also about the very high rates of breast cancer on Long Island, but no one knows why this occurs. Could it be that being directly in the flight path of two major airports, and the pollution this causes, is a factor? It’s possible.  Are you willing to place yourself, your family, and your neighbors in harm’s way by allowing the airport’s expansion to continue? I’m not.

Financial risks:  If Northern Westchester County begins to look, and feel, more like Yonkers to begin with, and then ultimately winds up like Nassau County, NY, the value of your home is going to plummet. By how much and how soon? 68%, by the time you’re ready to sell and move on? No one can be sure. But is that a risk you’re willing to assume? I’m not.

If you choose to do nothing, then don’t be surprised by the outcome.

If you would like to make your feelings known, what’s the most efficient way?

A key Legislator to contact for Lewisboro, Golden’s Bridge and Katonah is Francis Corcoran. He’s endorsed by Astorino but has not indicated his position publicly on the airport privatization issue.

Let him hear from you:

Francis Corcoran
148 Martine Avenue
White Plains 10601


If you have a complaint about airplane noise, contact:

If you want to sign a petition opposing airport privatization then see:


Tim Halpern
Chief Executive Officer
Comprehensive Prospect Research

(212)-242-2422 (Fax)

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